Our construction group, was formed to give contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and developers a local alternative to Birmingham and Atlanta firms. In our group we have , a Civil Engineering graduate, a former professor in the Building Science Department at Auburn University, a graduate of the College of Architecture Design and Construction at Auburn, and a licensed builder.

Having negotiated contracts, and settled claims on projects ranging from 7 thousand to over 70 million, the group’s focus is to provide a service needed by the East Alabama construction industry. “We feel like together we can provide something really special for our clients,” says Mike Fellows. We can read a set of plans and specs, understand the potential damages for delays or defects, explain the ramifications of the bid law, file a lien correctly, know when one is filed incorrectly, make a proper bond claim, or just find a way to get you paid. We’re using our unique experience to find better solutions for our clients’ problems.